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What if you could feel "light", happy and confident, without ever going on another restrictive diet?

Break free from emotional eating and food obsession

to find your way back to a peaceful relationship with food, eating and your body.


Ready to find out more?

Get support and transform your relationship with food

through the power of mindfulness.

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Who is Breaters for?


The Breaters program is for anyone who is tired of going from diet to diet, feeling out of control around food, and is ready to try an entirely different approach:

🔶 Learn to let go of the habits that no longer serves you

Stop the habitual reaction to reaching for food when you aren’t hungry, and find the pleasure in eating when you are!


🔶 Find motivation and confidence from within

Day by day you will learn how to untie the little knots that make the relationship with food, weight and yourself complex, through small incremental changes.

The benefits you can expect from going on this journey are:

  • You will cultivate the ability to self-regulate and to separate eating as to a way to cope from eating to nourish your body.

  • Your bingeing will decrease or stop, because you will have many more tools to cope with emotional overwhelm, not just food.

  • You will increase your confidence and compassion, by re discovering your own inner resources and wisdom, through mindfulness practices.
  • Stress and anxiety will reduce, because you will have many new coping tools to deal with life's challenges.

  • You will gain more emotional flexibility, experiencing the possibility of being more comfortable with how you feel.

  • You will stop constantly judging yourself, thanks to supportive self-compassion based meditations.

"We recognise and want to honour your full capacity for change, which with our help and continued support, you can implement moment by moment."

 Giorgio Serafini Prosperi - founder of Breaters


How does Breaters work?

We are there, supporting you one day at a time.


We will work together on recognising the emotions that are at the root of emotional hunger to help you repair your relationship with food.

Daily Support

You will receive daily videos and text content (approx. 5 min) to support, motivate and educate you.

Mindfulness Meditation

With some fundamental mindfulness practices you will have better ability to navigate life stressors.


You will have a dedicated coach to guide you via chat to co-create the best journey for you.

the experience

The online community is there to support one other and to deepen the tools of the program.

The Breaters team at your side

Linn Thorstensson

Nutrition Therapist and Mindful Eating Coach. A former emotional eater who has found peace with my body and nourishment from food.

✅ In Breaters I will guide and encourage you to learn to trust your body and to treat yourself as a good friend.

 Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi

Clinical Psychologist, and Mindful Eating Teacher. I have a passion for mindful eating stemming from my own experiences.

✅ In Breaters I will run webinars and oversee the quality and alignment of the programme to the principles of mindful eating.

Giorgio Serafini Prosperi

Mindfulness counselor, writer and meditation instructor. The founder of Breaters who found his own healing through these methods.

✅ In Breaters I will teach you how to use your awareness to regain inner balance.

Join 5,000+ people who have already been part of the program

The Breaters program was a unique, complete and powerful experience for me. It has enriched me and offered me resources and have been a fundamental discovery. I have been supported by professionals of great competence and human depth that I thank you all infinitely.

Alessandra Loffredo


I was afraid I would get tired and give up, but instead I am so happy to have continued with the same initial enthusiasm and to have had the opportunity to rediscover myself every day. I feel lovingly escorted towards freedom from food and weight obsession.

Sofia Mancini 


Right away, I broke free from the idea of dieting and eating just because I was feeling something. All because of the motivation and support I received from the community.
Maybe I was ready, but this all tastes like a miracle - I didn't think it was possible, but I have changed in profound ways."

Erika D’Agostino


Since I started this journey, I think of food in different terms than I used to, it is no longer about just "filling" myself but about true nourishment.
I nourish myself with love. It may not seem like much to say, but for me it's an incredible revelation.

Teresa Bertola


After so many attempts at dieting, I used to fall back into bingeing. But now I realize that it's actually possible to love yourself. To not feel guilty. To feel free and peaceful with myself. And it's all happening so simply. I'm taking care of myself. I'm putting things in order, that's all.

Giovanna Palumbo


I have rediscovered a wiser, more stable me, and less overwhelmed by any emotion. What I can say is that food is definitely no longer my predominant thoughts. Thank you for accompanying me in being more in control of myself and at the same time more free.

Federica Sagramola


Choose your program

30 Days

  • 30 Video and Text Lessons

  • Chat with your emotional coach

  • Meditation Library

  • 2 Practice Exercise

  • Weekly live activities

  • Community access

  • Extra materials

€ 49.oo

per day
for 30 days

Start now

90 Days

  • 90 Video and Text Lessons

  • Chat with your emotional coach

  • Meditation Library

  • 6 Practice Exercise

  • Weekly live activities

  • Community access

  • Extra materials

€ 99.oo

per day
for 90 days

Buy now

180 Days

  • 180 Video and Text Lessons

  • Chat with your emotional coach

  • Meditation Library

  • 12 Practice Exercise

  • Weekly live activities

  • Community access

  • Extra materials 

€ 179.oo

 per day
for 180 days

Buy now

We want you to succeed.

If within 14 days you don't think the course is right for you,
simply contact [email protected] and we will refund you.

Each program includes:

Daily Videos and Text content

You will get access to new content daily as you progress though the programme. You can access content from any device, at any time

Meditations and Extra resources

You will receive 2 new guided meditations every 30 days, suitable for all.
Included are also extra videos and resources.

Access to the Online

Receive support and inspiration from others by logging in to the Facebook group and / or attending our live sharing groups.

A Support Coach

As part of your Breaters journey you will also have a dedicated coach to answers your questions, help you improve your habits and guide you along the way.

Monthly Live activities 

Several times per month we come together to listen and talk in a brave space where we can let go of any anxieties and fears or simply ask questions or going deeper on a topic.

Online Members Area 

All the resources of the programme is accessible in one place making it easy to monitor your progress and go back through previous content too. Plus you can use your mobile!

Take part in a program that really works

85% of participants experienced
the following benefits:

  • Less emotional overwhelm
  • Decreased binge eating
  • Increased confidence and selfcare
  • Reduction in anxiety and stress
  • Greater self compassion
  • Less self criticism and judgment

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