Are you tired of feeling out of control around food? 

Perhaps you are someone who as tried every conceivable diet under the sun, yet you never feel satisfied and continue to stress about food and your body.

The Breaters Programme addresses emotional / binge eating at the core.
It is not about losing weight, feeling deprived or white knuckle it with willpower.

We will support you to (re)learn how to self regulate your emotions, so that you have other options than turning to food as a way to self sooth.


To support you on this endeavour:

  • The Programme is delivered over six months via daily videos and text. You will receive Daily Support Messages to keep you engaged.

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What results can you expect when joining Breaters?

Abandoning the obsession with weight control

A more peaceful relationship with your body

Enjoying the pleasure of good food without guilt

Rediscover the joy of living a life free from diet rules

How the journey will unfold


The focus is to learn to observe our relationship to food with kindness and present moment awareness.

🔸  Learning to connect between our emotional experience and our eating experience.

🔸  Introduction basic mindfulness mediation techniques and short guided meditations.

🔸 Understanding how practicing mindfulness can help us foster a more supportive and nourishing relationship with food and our body.


This month we go deeper into our relationship with food and our body.

🔸 Introducing tools to become more aware of internal body sensations.

🔸  Introducing Mindful Eating techniques to be more present and aware of our eating experience.

🔸  Exploring internal cues of hunger and fullness and working with trigger foods.


In this module the focus is to deepen out ability to be with our emotions, in essence building our emotional resiliency. 

🔸  Looking at how we can learn to be with our emotions instead of shutting down.

🔸  Exploring our inner child and how we can be a better caregiver to them.

🔸  Learning to embrace our emotions and exploring concepts such as surrender and acceptance.


We will explore how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are connected and we will keep building on our ability to self regulate our emotions without using food.

🔸 Deepening our meditation practice and our moment to moment awareness skills.

🔸 Working with thoughts and with the emotion of fear.

🔸 Going deeper with our Mindful Eating practice.


We will bring the topics of loving kindness, compassion and transformation, learning how to become a good friend to ourselves and transforming our relationship to food and ourselves.

 🔸  Introducing guided loving kindness practices.

🔸  Establishing selfcare practices and develop the practice of compassion and self compassion.

🔸 Exploring the journey of transformation.


This is the “final” month of our journey together. We will look back and review practices and tools and we will look forward to where to go next and of course we will celebrate how far you have come!

🔸  Review of all the different tools we’ve used throughout the programme.

🔸  Exploring body image, practicing non judgment, finding peace and moving forward.

🔸  Going deeper into self compassion and self acceptance and how this ties into our relationship with food.

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Who will guide you?

Breaters was born from the need to share the tools that we found made it possible to free ourselves from the suffering of obsession with diets, physical appearance, weight control and difficult relationship with food, towards a life of awareness, choice and ultimately freedom.

This is why the "voice" you hear in Breaters is that of someone who has been there before you. Each of the professionals at Breaters know what they know from both a personal and professional experience.

Too often the answers we received when we were looking for help were generic, impersonal and sometimes judgmental.
We decided that things could be much different. We want Breaters to be that "home" we wanted to have when we too felt lost and disconnected. 

Linn Thorstensson

I am a Nutrition Therapist and Mindful Eating Instructor. I'm a former emotional eater who has found peace with my body and nourishment instead of punishment from food.

I believe in the Breaters approach because I have experience some powerful changes through mindfulness and Mindful Eating, both personally and professionally with my clients. Learning to feed and nourish ourselves with kindness and compassion through awareness offers both rewarding and long lasting change.

Dr. Cinzia Pezzolesi

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Mindful Eating Teacher,.
I have a passion for Mindful Eating stemming from my personal experience as ex-professional athlete.

I believe that the Breaters
approach will lead to long term sustainable changes in a gentle but equally powerful manner. In my many years as therapist I am very excited about finding an effective and targeted approach to tackle emotional eating.

Giorgio Serafini Prosperi

I'm a Mindfulness counselor, writer and meditation instructor. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and have now finally arrived at a place where I am at my set point and at peace with it all.
We created Breaters based on the experience that has allowed me to free myself from a painful and problematic relationship with food and body. The tools we use in Breaters are the same tools that have worked for me. Everything I learned on my journey from feeling sad and defeated, to a person grateful to be alive, are all found inside Breaters.

6 months to change your life


Awareness The principles of Mindfulness allow us to leave behind the suffering of having a conflictive relationship with food and our bodies. Together we will discover how meditation can help us look at ourselves and the world around us with fresh eyes. 

New Habits We will help you cultivate a new space of freedom between the things that trigger your eating behaviours and your automatic habitual reactions. You will develop a sense of openness and trust in your body and your emotions which will in turn lead to a perfectly normal and natural relationship with food. 

Kindness & Self Compassion We will support you in letting go of your inner judgemental thoughts and negative views of yourself and others so you can learn to love yourself again, warts and all! You will learn how you can become a friend and support to yourself.

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Messages From Our Community



"How much weight I no longer have!

I am not talking about physical weight, I am talking about the weight on my heart and soul. I am talking about the obsessive thoughts, catastrophic scenarios, judgments, prejudices, expectations, illusions and disappointments that have now lifted.

With Breaters I discovered that thoughts come and go, that they are impermanent.

Meditation has helped me to notice them and let them go.

Thanks to Breaters I am another person. I am a beautiful person as I am, with all my faults. That's how I feel, finally. Better late than never!!!"



" I used to use food and eat very mindlessly. After so many attempts with dieting, I realised that I was going nowhere. 

I have also realised that it is possible to love myself.  I still  feel guilt at times, but I am beginning to feel free. Everything is happening so simply, I don't have to discipline myself, all I am doing is simply putting order to my emotional life and my relationship with food.

I'm always afraid that my fragility will come back, and I almost can't believe that with Breaters it's going naturally well. I'm enjoying this sense of strength. This balance. This peace. In my dreams I jump on my toes, do pirouettes and smile."



"Yesterday I felt a strong sense of restlessness and sadness. This is my weak point, my place of "abandonment". Yesterday due to a series of circumstances I experienced some strong and challenging emotions. Compared to other times, and because I've been in Breaters, when I  noticed I was hungry early compared to my usual dinner time, I ate early. This is  something that hadn't happened for so many months. I also ate unplanned food and food that I hadn't eaten for a long time and that is not good for me, but I noticed the difference from before. In the past I would have started eating without ever stopping., feeling a loss of control. This time I was kind to myself, I absolved myself of any "wrong doing", if you even want to call it that. I know that I can continue to take care of my needs."

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